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About The African History Podcast

The African History Podcast is created and narrated by natives of the continent. It is very important for us to note that we are not professional Historians. And we appreciate very much the work that Historians have done in covering the stories that we make use on this podcast.

The objective of the podcast is to bring to the fore African history in an engaging, interesting, and fun manner; while ensuring that all the stories that we tell are well-researched and grounded in fact. The African History Podcast team has a great affinity for the history of Africa. We see a need for bringing African history stories to the attention of ordinary people in Africa, and in the world as a whole.

We feel that African history stories should be part of the daily discourse of ordinary people across the world. In film and popular culture, centuries of rich African history are usually reduced to stories about colonisation, oppression and slavery. Those type of stories are part of African history and should be told; and this podcast will also tell such stories. But African history, like that of other continents and nations, is way richer than that. It can be sad, and it can be glorious.

Some aspects of African history are regrettable and lamentable, and even, if we may dare say, shameful. But parts of African history can instil pride and hope, not just on Africans, but on humanity as a whole. We have noticed how very little in the manner of African history is discussed in the currently available platforms of media. In the world of today, where Social Media has changed both how people receive information and how they communicate with one another, there are endless opportunities for exposing our stories to the rest of the world.

We have as an objective, the desire to have this podcast be at the vanguard of injecting African history stories into the fabric of the daily lives of ordinary people. The study of history has also taken a toll in schools and in academia. Part of the reason for this is understandable. Africa, as an underdeveloped continent, has, out of necessity, to focus on the type education that can directly contribute to its economic development. But having said that, we believe that knowledge about African history should have a place in the lives of ordinary people. The podcast is made up of audio format episodes. The episodes will be released on a regular basis. Each episode covers a specific topic of African history. Some of the topics are covered in more than one episode