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Christmas and Hanukkah Special – Episode 2 – Hanukkah & Judaism

Episode 5

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This is the 2nd episode of our mini-series on the story of Christianity and
This time we get deeper to the roots of Judaism.We also provide a detailed look at the story of Hanukkah.
We begin to explore the nature of Judaism’s understanding of the relationship the Jewish people and God.

For instance, in the First or Old Testament, there are a lot of verses where God is a egging on the Israelites to take over Canaan. Admittedly this takeover is not peaceful. There were people already living in Canaan when Canaan was promised to the Jewish people, as Judaism believes that this promise exists.

Starring: Simon Sebag Montefiore; Bart D Ehrman; Abraham; Judaism;
Christianity; Islam; Ethiopia; Egypt; Cleopatra; Antiochus Epiphanes;
Alexander the Great; Cyrus The Great; Babylon; Persia…and many more

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