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Christmas and Hanukkah Special – Episode 1 – Introduction

Episode 6

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Summary of Christmas and Hanukkah Special – Episode 1 – Introduction

This is the very first episode of our mini-series on the story of Christianity and Africa.

We explain why we are starting with Christianity, in our eventual objective to go through all the significant religions in Africa.

We lay the foundation for our mini-series, by explaining the foundational tenets of Judaism. We explain that in order to discuss Christianity and even Islam, Judaism needs to be explained first. Judaism is the foundation for both Christianity and Islam

We briefly introduce the geographical area on which the story of the foundation of Judaism and Christianity occurred. What kind of area was it?

We provide a high level overview of the historical sources we will be using for the mini-series.

Starring: Josephus; Philo; Tacitus; Judaism; Christianity; Islam; Isiah; David; Solomon…and many more

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