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Cold War Pawns – Episode 12 – Enter Lumumba

Episode 14

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Summary of Cold War Pawns – Episode 12 – Enter Lumumba

The DRC eventually gains its independence from Belgium, after a superlative resistance. Then…chaos ensures in the country. The Belgian army is left in the DRC, in order to ensure smooth transition to freedom and independence. But then this army begins to do the opposite of what it is meant to do. It finds a way to be a force for evil, by collaborating with the forces in the DRC that want to break away from the country.

Lumumba becomes Prime Minister. He tries to hold the country together. He asks for help from the USA, the UN and the USSR. But no one is offering help. African countries are not helping the DRC either. All they do is to talk – talk that is constricting the options that Lumumba has for acquiring economic help. In this episode we welcome Mobutu. He steps in the scene by inhumanely crushes resistance against the central government.

Starring: Mobutu; Lumumba; Kasa-Vubu; Kasai; Canada; United Kingdom; USA; USSR; Katanga; Albert Kalonji; Moise Tshombe; MNC-K; CONAKAT; President John F Kennedy; and many more

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