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Xenophobia and Hatred Series – Episode 1 – Introduction

Episode 1

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On this episode we introduce the Xenophobia and Hatred series. We provide you with many heart-rending backgrounds/intros – including stories about Greece, Rome, Carthage, and South Africa – and people like Cato, Julius Ceaser, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander The Great, the Persians, etc. We define xenophobia. We talk about Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, the Crusaders, Salah ad-Din, Armenia, and even….wait for it…Kim Kardashian!

Starring: Cato The Elder; Cato The Younger; Rome; Carthage; Hitler; Nazis; IFP; ANC; Nelson Mandela; Oliver Tambo; Greece; Sparta; and many more.

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Xenophobia and Hatred SeriesEpisode 1