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Special Episode ii – The CIA and KGB Comedy of Errors

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SUMMARY of Special Episode ii: The CIA and KGB Comedy of Errors.

This is our second Special Episode. Listen to the episode to find out what our Special Episodes will entail.

This episode might make you lose sleep at night. You will find out that the people that are supposed to protect the world from nuclear war are a cause for concern.

This episode covers the follies and comedies of the USA and USSR intelligence agencies – specifically the CIA and the KGB. We look at the many times when nuclear war between the USA and USSR nearly occurred. The world as we know it would not exist had that nuclear line been crossed.

Plus we cover many other flops, follies and comedies committed by the USA and USSR intelligence services.

Starring: CIA; KGB; Spies; Pope John Paul the Second; Fidel Castro; Nuclear scares; Incompetent intelligence agents; Drunken agents; The Mafia; and many more.

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