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Welcome to African Camp Fire Stories Podcast

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Welcome to African Camp Fire Stories Podcast.

We would like to welcome everyone to the African Camp Fire Stories (ACFS)
Podcast. The ACFS Podcast is an audio-based online programme that will focus on delivering to you stories from African History. This is African History told by the denizens of the African continent. Our choice of African History stories will largely be based on events and people that are not usually spoken about.

We are undertaking as our duty the responsibility of bringing you well-
researched, and fact-based events from African History. The rarer the stories, the more attractive they are to us. It is our goal to play a role in bringing African History to ordinary people all over the world.

We hope that we will meet the expectations of our potential listeners. We are aware of the immenseness of the endeavour we have undertaken. To decide to do a History programme about an entire continent is a ballsy move.

We have however undertaken this journey precisely because it will be a huge challenge. Especially for two individuals who are not Historians.
Which is why at ACFS we feel very much obligated to the men and women,
wherever they may be in the world, who have been writing about African
History over the years. To create this podcast we will make use of the sources from these men and women.

Another crucial challenge for us is the sparsity of African History stories in pop culture. Except for a few slave movies here and there, the History of the
African continent has not received its fair shake in international media.
Rare is a day when you come across anecdotes from African History in daily
life. African History has not yet produced super-famous international Historical celebrities like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington and others.

We will do our humble best to try and overcome these kinds of challenges that African History has had to endure.

This podcast is a labour of love for the ACFS team. As we write this welcome
note, we cannot even begin to express the overwhelming emotions that we
are experiencing at this very moment. To FINALLY be able to launch this
podcast is such an emotional trip for us.

The process it has taken us to get to where we are today has been a year
long journey. What began as an informal exchange of ideas about history in
August 2018, is now a fully-fledged African History programme that we can
finally share with the public.

The past year has been exciting, tough, sad, and joyful all at once. In the next few days we will post our first episode of History content on this website. The amount of blood, sweat and tears that has gone into creating our first series has been astounding to even us.

We have researched and re-researched, written and re-written, recorded and re-recorded, and edited and re-edited the episodes we will be bringing you for so long that at some stage we could not picture this podcast coming to life.

But all that sweat and sadness has resulted in a version of the ACFS
programme that we feel will do justice to African History.
Please join us on our journey to discover Africa.

May you enjoy listening to our episodes as much as we enjoy making them.

Your Sincerely,
The AFCS Team

The ACFS Podcast Team is:
Thekzilla– Narrator and Audio Engineer at ACFS
Spha – Researcher and Writer at ACFS

You can reach us through
– Twitter: African Camp Fire Stories
– Facebook: African Camp Fire Stories
– Instagram: African Camp Fire Stories

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